Monday, 17 January 2011


I found this poem in AWB website. A very nice and beautiful poem by Hilary Scheppers from Los Angeles. I wish I can come out with similar poem, but it seems that I don't really have talent in poetry :p so I decided to share her poem here for everyone. Enjoy!!

To Make My Mark on the Earth

I abandoned my bed last night
To make my mark on the Earth
Imprinting my body against the grass
Feeling The Force of the distant Suns

I spun with the planet last night
To feel the swing of the universe
Understanding the continual reach for eternity
Feeling so temporary from the Heavens

I saw a fleeting star last night
To love my insignificant worth
Witnessing an immense energy
Feeling like an outsider looking in

I held your hand last night
To appear stronger than I was
Sharing what energy I could
Feeling the Sun then about to rise

I gave you all my power last night
To give you a better Life
Deteriorating into the Dust of the Earth
Feeling like a dying star

I exploded to my death last night
To be buried in a Black Hole
Adjusting into a new life form
Feeling my energy unable to expire

-- By Hilary Scheppers (Los Angeles, US)


  1. Hey! really cool to see that you liked my poem! Thank you for reading it and seeing something worthy in it! Seriously, much appreciated.


  2. Nice to meet you here Hillary!!!thank you for the nice poem, Hope you dont mind I post it here in my blog