Sunday, 6 February 2011

February 2011 sky event

I hope its not to late for me to post the video for Astronomy sky event in February(video taken from nasa website). This month is the last chance for us to spot Jupiter in the evening sky before the next autumn[1]. Jupiter will set as early as 2019hr by the end of this month.  

Saturn will rise at 2223hr on 5th of Febuary and 2100hr on 25th of February. Saturn is moving retrograde in Virgo and can be observed soon before midnight  after the middle of the month. On 7th of February  Jupiter is 7 degrees south of the moon and Uranus is 6 degrees south of the moon as well [2]. On 14th of February(Valentine day)  Stardust next spacecraft fly by comet temple 1 and  on 20th of February, moon will form triangle with Saturn and Spica (look east).

Sunrise at Launch Pad 39A Kennedy Space Center (picture taken from

Not to forget on 24th of February this month Space Shuttle Discovery will be launched from  Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for its final mission to International Space Station, taking a storeroom for facility along with supply and spare parts.[3]

[2] Astronomy Now magazine; Febuary 2011; pg 52-pg 54
[3] Shuttle Discovery rolls out to launch pad; BBC science news; ]


  1. salam,:)cdg nak beli teleskop unk beginner..boleh tak cadangkan yg camne?huhu..kira baru nak bertatih sebab sy tak blajar bnda ni,tapi suka astophysics sejak azali.uhu.
    hidayah birm

  2. ak pun xbelajar astronomy masa kat birm dulu.. menghabiskan masa degree blaja menda2 y bnyk ak astronomy as a hobby is a good thing...nnt ak post cadang2ngn untuk beginner teleskop..

  3. yep,best.ada amik cosmic waktu fes yer,tak paham..tapi tahu la sket:).
    nanti balik dah tak sempat nak buat hoby ni, jadi cikgu plak dah.huhu:P

  4. cosmic connection momd ke??bukan bnyak kiraan ke module 2(dengar kata)..balik msia nnt kalau ada teleskop boleh heret budak sekali tengok bintang..